Nutrition-Raw Diets


What to Expect on a Raw Diet

Less Stool

While this may sound crude to some, canines on a raw diet have been observed to poop less. A canine is a carnivore, meaning their digestive system is designed to process meat. Fillers like grains or corn take longer to fully digest than meat, so they are generally passed through the body as waste. A dog’s stool on a raw diet is usually small, hard, and scentless, making clean up much easier.

Whiter Teeth and Odorless Breath

Starchy ingredients in dry pet food can cause tartar buildup and possible long-term gum issues, as well as stinky dog breath. As a pet eats a raw diet, crunching and chewing ground-up bones scrapes and removes plaque and buildup from their teeth, promoting whiter teeth and much milder smelling breath.

Better Weight Management

Since raw pet food does not contain any additives or fillers like grain or corn, a canine’s digestive system can make better use of the proteins, using them as energy instead of storing them as fat.

Transitioning to Raw

Starting a dog on a raw diet can appear to be a daunting task for pet owners, but it doesn’t have to be. Use the following section as a guide for transitioning from dry/canned food to raw. Before starting your pet on a raw diet, we recommend consulting your veterinarian to ensure your pet is getting the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients it needs.


Days 1-3: 25% Raw Food/ 75% Current Food

Start by giving your pet a little of the raw diet food followed by the balance of their current food 15 minutes later. This allows the pet to try the new raw diet food as you gauge their interest in it.


Days 4-7: 60-75% Raw Food/ 25-40% Current Food

If your pet has no issues during the first 3 days, slowly continue to increase the amount of raw food you feed your pet. If your pet’s stool is soft as a result of the switch, introduce the raw food in lower quantities.


Day 8 and Onward: 100% Raw Food

From here on, you can start feeding all raw diet. Depending on what variety you choose, you may continue to supplement your pet's diet with vitamin and nutrient-rich superfoods or supplements to ensure your pet's continued growth and maintenance.


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