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“ Dr. Pasternak has saved my dog Harlow's life multiple times. After a stroke she had from a horrible dental experience, she was near death, barely breathing from an incorrect diagnosis from another vet, and I met someone who told me to go to Dr. Pasternak.

Upon my visit, he INSTANTLY spotted the misdiagnosis (the previous vet said it was a seizure and put my dog on a deadly medication) and told me it was a stroke. He took her off the meds, gave her acupuncture and some herbs. Within one day she was walking again, and one week, she was back to normal.

NO ONE was willing to help me except Dr. P. He is to the point, direct, No BS in his communication but also experienced, and has a heart of gold that has healed so many. Thank you, Dr. P, and the team. I recommend you to everyone! ”


Harlow Stand Strong

​​​​​​​“ I cannot say enough of Dr. Pasternak and his team! We went there at the beginning of the year with little hope for our dog that had just had a very large Mast Cell Tumor removed that had returned for its third time. Each time the tumor seemed to return more quickly and aggressively. Other vets were urging chemo or radiation and told us it was a matter of time before the tumor returned or got worst as it was very aggressive. Dr. Pasternak saw him and prescribed a handful of natural herbal medicine to give to my dog twice a day and everyone can confidently say that the treatment is working magnificently. My dog looks amazing, healthy and happy. He is the fastest dog at the park and I really do not think this would have been the case if we had moved forward with chemotherapy. We understand that Mast Cell Tumor is a lifelong and unpredictable cancer but the combination of herbs the doc prescribed is perfect for helping the immune system stay strong and fight cancer. I am forever grateful at Dr. Pasternak for his help and for giving us more time with our dog. ”

Adriana C.

Beginning of treatment: January 2020

Present Day

“ My dog trusted him in seconds. Nuff said ”


Incredibly insightful Vet. I read his book as well, it's excellent. This man is like an animal whisperer. I wouldn't take my dog anywhere else. The staff are fantastic, too. ”

Amanda C.

We made the decision to see Dr. Pasternak to treat our French Bulldog after learning that she had TCC (bladder cancer). After reviewing many treatment options with traditional (western medicine) vets, we liked that Dr. Pasternak could treat our dog with a combination of western meds as well as herbal supplements to keep her comfortable and happy until the inevitable. Dr. Pasternak has a no-nonsense tell-it-like-it-is personality, which you'll either like or dislike. I personally like the fact that he isn't going to send us on an endless parade of tests and false hope. He has a first-come-first-served practice and doesn't take appointments. It's different, but I've not experienced any waits beyond a half hour so far. The staff is nice and the practice is very clean, including the kennel area. ”

Chris O.

I've been taking my 11 year old German Shorthaired Pointer to Henry since I got her, when she was 6 months old, and he has taken consistently great care of her. I trust him implicitly, and the proof of his excellent care is in what phenomenal shape my dog is in. At nearly 12 years old she still runs, jumps, hikes, and looks and acts like a much younger dog. His entire staff is also wonderful. Highest recommendation. ”

Andrew S.

“ This doctor is amazing and his staff is really nice. ”

The proud dog pitbull-MIA


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